CBD for Dogs: How to Combat Separation Anxiety Before Your Big Trip

CBD can be an effective addition to your dog’s routine if they struggle with separation anxiety. We all want to treat the one that loves us more than anything with the best products. CBD may just be the answer! All mammals, including our dogs, have an endocannabinoid system that reacts to natural cannabinoids. These natural cannabinoids are already produced in our bodies, and can also be found in the CBD we use to reduce stress.

If you have a trip coming up, you may be looking for a solution to combat separation anxiety in your dog while you’re away. This anxiety can be expressed in a variety of ways, like your dog chewing through your furniture… CBD can help your dog while you’re away from home or during a time of stress so they feel relaxed. 

Signs of Anxiety in Your Dog

Signs of anxiety are usually easy to spot in your dog. Anxiety can include panting, pacing, crying, shaking, aggression, inappropriate elimination, licking of the lips, and a lack of appetite. These signs are commonly seen during periods of separation and other stressful moments (like those visits to the vet). Lucky for you and your four-legged friend, CBD can help with all of those!

How Will CBD Affect My Dog?

Wondering what to expect when your dog starts using CBD?

Your dog actually isn’t that much different from you. While some dogs and humans will experience immediate relief after a dose of CBD, others may take a few days to a week to see results. Keep this in mind when planning to start your dog on a CBD product.

Leading up to your big trip, it’s a great idea to start your dog on CBD a few days earlier to prepare them for your departure. Not only does starting prior to a trip allow you to see how CBD affects your dog, it allows them to become comfortable with this new addition to their routine. As they become familiar, they’ll begin to more easily accept their CBD from their trusted sitter during your absence.

CBD Options for Your Dog

In today’s market, you’ve got choices when it comes to choosing the best form of CBD for your dog. Have a treat fiend? Treats may be perfect for your little one! With a variety of flavors, you’re sure to find one your dog goes crazy for. If you aren’t quite sure what flavor of treat your companion might like, be on the lookout for trial sizes well in advance of your trip so you can find the best one for your dog.

 If your dog isn’t a big treat fan, there are other options you can try.. From a simple spray you can add on top of their normal food to oils you can drop right in their mouths, you’re sure to find a method that works for you and your pooch. There are even topicals to help with other issues they may face!

You’re a good pet parent for thinking ahead before a big trip away. With the right preparation and the right CBD product, your next trip can be one full of fun for you while your pet waits patiently (and happily) for your return!

CBD is an effective and beneficial natural supplement to give to your dog anytime. Creating peace of mind for both you and your companion is easily achieved through the addition of CBD to their daily routine.

Have you tried CBD for your dog before? We’d love to hear your favorite CBD product for them.

Please keep in mind: the effects of CBD will vary based on the individual biology, metabolism, and tolerance of your pet. Be sure to review the labeling prior to ingesting or applying and contact your veterinarian to make sure there are no reactions between any medications your pet may already be on. 

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