We believe that personal experiences, quality products, and education are essential ingredients in a great wellness brand.

CBD Cave was crafted by 3 humble entrepreneurs, Troy, Chris, and Scott. Troy saw lots of great CBD brands in the market, but not a central hub for average people who really want to understand what they’re buying. Chris and Scott understand the relationships and logistics necessary to deliver the eCommerce experience. Together we’re able to bring the nations best CBD products to one platform with great customer service.


How has CBD helped you? I recently found out that I have a corn allergy, and it’s brought a lot of anxiety around food. CBD helps me with that.

What’s your expertise? Branding, Marketing, and Customer Experience.


How has CBD helped you? I’m an avid motocross rider. CBD has changed how I recover and bounce back from a long day on the track.

What’s your expertise? Brick & Mortar Retail, and Manufacturing.


How has CBD helped you? I have a lot going on as a business owner… CBD cream helps me relax after a long day of work.

What’s your expertise?  Project Management and Logistics.

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